Sunday, May 30, 2010

Magical Moments!

Last night,May 29,2010,another one of those magical career moments happened in my life.
I went to Jacksonville Florida to sing at the Jazz fest with Jason Miles' Grover Washington Jr. tribute,and after I sang my first song, I was walking back to the dressing room /trailer,and I hear someone call my name and when I turn around it was Chris Botti. He walks up to me and says "Hi,I'm Chris Botti and I was like "I know who you are!!"and I screamed inside "OMG"!! And he askes me if I could do him a favor and fill in for his singer Nicki Richards (again OMG!) because her flight wont get to Jacksonville on time, and It's only a couple of songs with his band and the orchestra! ORCHESTRA????!!!!..So now my heart is racing and I'm like what are the songs?? And he tells me The Look of Love and The Very Thought of You. I only had about 3 hours to learn his arrangements and I still wasn't finished Jason's show,plus I figured Nicki would make it because this can't be happening..OMG I am Chris gives me his tour manager's information and takes mine and now my mind is on hyperdrive!! I had just asked GOD for another magical moment in my life because I was getting really tired and BAM!
Here it is!! So I finish up Jason's show which was real cool,and then I went to sign CD's and all the time Im thinking "is this real??" Should I get excited? I didn't say anything until I really new it was happening when I got back to my room and I started practicing the this time I had one hour to learn the arrangements and get dressed..thank goodness Jason told us to dress casual during his gig because I had a dress that I had taken out of my suitcase several times..(something told me to put it in anyway) I had my iphone listening and learning,went to the gig and me Chris and guitarist Mark Whitfield (he was the featured guitarist on Bluey's Inner Shade years ago)went over the music a little in the trailer..
About 45 minutes into the show,(the orchestra was beautiful),Chris' tour manager sent me a text saying he was coming to get me in 5 minutes!
That's when my knees started shaking,my heart was pounding and I really started to sweat..I walked up on stage and after one song I heard Chris tell the story of how we had met and he was telling the audience that I didnt have any rehearsal I just jumped in and the audience was pumped up,and when I started The Look of Love and heard the beautiful music around me, and saw the massive crowd of people in front of me, and Chris Botti standing next to me with encouraging eyes and supportive direction,I had an OUT OF BODY experience!! And when we got to the end of The Very Thought of You, I was falling in love with my career again,heart ,mind,body and soul!! I heard my spirit and my heart opening with a feeling of rebirth and healing..
Thank you GOD for making that happen. I KNOW IT WAS YOU LORD!!!


Shantei said...

See how the Lord works - give Him praise! You are an amazing vocalist and I can see why Chris Botti would choose you (secretly wishing I was you)! Good luck in all you do; and to God be the glory!
Love & Blessings - xoxo :)

Anonymous said...

you go girl'''''''''''''''''''''i saw you here in the atl at center stage.................your music is SO hypnotic ..................keep up the good works


Diane said...

That is an amazing story..I got chills when I read it..I can only imagine how that moment felt for you..what a highlight. Re-connecting with the spirit of music and how it makes you feel.

leslie said...

Your an amazing artist, and God knows this, and will continue to open doors for you........I had the opportunity to see you many times, and one time in particular was a jazz cruise celebrating my birthday. Just another amazing "wow moment", I was able to get my picture with you when we were off the ship. I was in seventh heaven and happened to be my birthday, what a gift!

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