Monday, July 5, 2010

Another Magical Moment?? Not quite,but ALMOST!!

Oh well...I guess it's okay to tell you now. I was put forward to sing a new song at The Brandenburg Gate in Berlin on Friday,and the closing ceremonies of the World Cup on Sunday in South Africa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!BUT IT DID NOT
WORK OUT. I have been on an emotional rollercoaster since 1pm Friday,when I got the call from New York. The few people who went against the ones who really wanted me to do it,wanted a "BIG INTERNATIONAL SUPERSTAR". I have prayed,cried,had a half a nervous breakdown,prayed some more.I swallowed my pride through this whole process. But the best part is to know that I was in the running with Celine Dion,Stevie Wonder,Seal,Eric Clapton and Robin Gibb..:)THAT's the COOLEST.

I just pulled out today after waiting all of that time,sending in a demo,driving my family crazy,etc. I tried,there were people in New York and London pulling for me,but I guess God said no again this time. I'm handling the disappointment alot better this time,and I really was not looking forward to postponing my show in Richmond on Friday. They undecided people had me hanging on a string it seemed and my mom laid down the law and told me to stop going through this and sing for the people who know and love me.

I understand they are looking for someone with more name recognition,but I wish they would have given me a CHANCE to show the world what I can do. I really believed this was my turn. Oh well..I'm going for a walk.. LOVE YOU. Smooches.


Kristin said...

Maysa don't let it get to you. You are tops in my book and have been for 10 years plus.

Niecy said...

You are ALREADY showing the world what you can do--and You Dear--do it really well!!
Just Sing!!
You know you can do that---You know what happens when one door closes right? It's coming!
Your Best is yet to come!! Shine on Sista Shine brightly!!
Your Mother is so right!
Amen to Mom!! Listen to her!!

kolohe jo said...

An honor to have been up against such names! You deserve to be up there with them! Keep smilin'!

Tony said...

Just as you said Maysa, it is a blessing to be in the running with such a well known group of artist. With the help of people like Michael Baisden and your loyal fan base (myself included), your name recognition is growing by the minute. Stay strong and positive. Your day is definitely coming!

smoothwlkndiva said...

hey's delicia...that's ok girl...keep your head up. your name was among so many greats...that is an accomplishment in itself. but let's look back ot may 29 when you had the unscheduled, didn't know this was going to happend - opportunity to sing with chris botti and orchestra. your blessings are still coming..even though this one wasn't a performance, but it was the thought of you and the magic you bring, that put your name out there. so i say to you congrats for continuing to shine. we love you maysa.

Vienna said...

Hey Maysa, don't be discouraged. You know you're amongst the best. It didn't work out this time, but it will & when that time comes, you'll shine. You are one of the best singers & song-writers I know. We (KSBR) play several songs from every one of your CDs that came to my desk, not just the suggested singles. You are on top of my list. Love ya!
Vienna (MD of JazzFM-88.5-KSBR)

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