Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Good Morning/Afternoon sweethearts!! This is a long post...
I took a break because I have been having a hard time dealing with the first year after my mom's passing,and this was my first birthday ever without her.
My mom established birthdays as a very important day in our lives and it was important to her that kids in her life had a great celebration.
Anyway my family did a great job cheering me up but I had a hard time August 25 which is the day she passed..It's weird,I kept seeing these tweets from The Standard Bank Joy of Jazz Fest in South Africa and thats where I was when I found out she passed..so that was a horrible day.
But check this out...the night before,Aug.24, I got a tweet that Brenda Russell had started following me and I sent her a reply that read " Wow. Thanks for the follow,So Good ,So Right.." quoting one of her famous songs... The next morning  I was upset and I started going through my mom's old papers cause I wanted to see her handwriting and found this list of her favorite songs and SO Good So Right is number 7!!!! That tripped me out!! I know my mom was communicating with me!!
Also, one of my best friends Mike White, intoduced me to my new manager!! I'll tell you more about him soon!
I'm so excited,because now I have someone to help me get my career to the next level and help me to just be creative,take care of my son and have more time to love on YOU in person when i meet you at my shows and through my music.
More good news!! INSIDE MY DREAM is kicking booty! Getting more adds and in heavy rotation on many stations.
More good news!!
The Birchmere is sold out!!!
I'm really excited...

More good news!!
More good news..
I have been training alot..I just added a 5:30 am and 6:30 pm class 3 days a week and then I strength train with my trainer and on my off days I do cardio. I am seeing results and its helping me stay away from the junk. I do have a cheat day though. I think I got it this time.. I really do.

Gotta run...literally..lol have a great day..

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