Thursday, February 28, 2008


Hey y'all..
some good news!!!!
Tuesday I got a call from trombonist/producer Jeff Bradshaw asking me if I wanted to come to Jill's show in Baltimore! Of course I went,and it was AMAZING!! The band is fantastic and Jill is excellent. she was in great voice and she talked a lot of sh*t which was very entertaining!
I didn't get a chance to meet her after the show,but Wednesday Jeff called me and said Jill wanted me to come back because she wanted to meet me!!
 So  my friend Angie (who sings with me and alot of other people!) went back to the show and afterward went backstage to meet her. After a few minutes she came out and  she started screaming when she saw me and started bowing and stuff and I bowed to her too!! She was soooooo sweet! I am so glad to see her beautiful spirit for myself.She is radiant! I wanted to meet her for so long,that was so sweet of her to tell me the same,it made me feel really great!!

I have been going through so much in my personal life lately,this was truly A God-given,much needed boost!!

Anyway,I asked her if she would produce me on my next record and hse said she would love it!!

So I'm going to jump on that right away!!!
Wouldn't that be cool..!!!!
Thanks Jeff and Jill!! We had a great time!!

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SANDRA said...

Hi Maysa, I am a long time fan of your music. I was thrilled ti hear that you and Jill Scott would be working together in any capacity. I know God had his hand in it. I must say, anything you make become an automatic classic to me. Its music very much appreciated. I really wish you had better marketing however because although I buy your music, it would be nice to hear your on the radio at work, in the airport, on the elevator.. you know. I pray for your suces and keep up the good work.

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