Monday, February 25, 2008

My "Fiance" Michael Baisden

Michael Baisden has started something!! When I got home from L.A.,there were 14 emails of people congratulating me on becoming engaged to Michael Baisden.

I am trippin'!

I had a great time taping Baisden After Dark. Michael and George Wilburn and Morris Day were alot of fun! Michael's staff and crew are EXCELLENT!! They treated me and my peeps like royalty. I swear,I was so happy!! Michael is such a trip.Such a sweet man and he really knows how to make a girl feel great! I have been reading his books for so long..(Maintenance Man is my favorite),I always fantasized if his man characters were really various parts of his personality.

 I sat down and did an interview with Michael and Morris Day,and then at the end of the show I did "I Can't Help It" with the band,who were absolutely KILLER!!

We had a ball.

My manager Berenice and one of my best friends Kim,who got me my audition with Stevie Wonder 17 years ago... were with me.

I got to meet Tina Marie!! And she was performing Cassanova Brown,one of the first songs I sang at high school talent shows.

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