Sunday, August 26, 2007

not so good news-buffalo ny

I went to Buffalo NY yesterday to do a short 5 song set as a promotion for WBLK radio.

I was disrespectfully tricked into doing a live set as opposed to the originally proposed track date.
I was told that the listeners of the station really hated track dates and it would be better if I performed with the band that was performing before me.

I found out just before I was to arrive in Buffalo,that this "event" had SOLD OUT which means they charged people money to attend.

I of course had no knowledge of this because no one paid me a **** dime to sing a note.
This is the second time ,this month,I have been put in a bad light with the people who support my career,and I am about to do something about it.

First of all...I WILL NEVER EVER perform a concert of my own music without using my own band again. NEVER.

I was out of my element and I have recieved some complaints,some targeted incorrectly at Troy Burton this morning,and I am sick of this.

I am upset with Shanachie for not watching out for me and making sure this was only a free radion promotion as I was told. I fault WBLK for mis leading the public into thinking that they were paying 25 DOLLARS to watch me and my band perform.
I was so stressed out I sounded like shit last night. I apologize to the people who came to see me last night.
I was not at my best at all.

people are still trying to screw me in this industry,just like a few weeks ago when the promoter used my name to sell tickets to his festival and never paid me a **** dime,and then tells the audience I didn't want to sing in the heat.

I'm tired of this industry anyway,and now it seems that people are really *****n with me and I have had enough!

Whoever called Troy this morning,I hope u read this message. I DO have my shit together.

P.S. on a positive note..Niagra Falls took my breath away.


jettablk03 said...

first of all let me say that i am ashamed of the way you were treated in my city.we as jazz lovers can only say that WBLK had us fooled also. they promoted you as the top bill and never said anything about you singing tracks.i knew that you seemed as though you were not in your right element and i could tell.WBLK was wrong and they tried to clean up their s**t by sending will houghton back out to perform more songs after he had already done a hour and 15 min set. this is not what we paid for and not what we wanted. i have lost all trust in WBLK the Tralf and any body that does promoting with them. i talked to a lot of people after the fiasco on aug.25 as we were leaving the Tralf and we all agree that WBLK and its program director and the Tralf are all cheats. i really wish things could have worked out for you,because as you could see and hear there was a lot of love in the house for you. i hope you don't take out your anger on those of us who were just as pissed off as you. give us ONE MORE CHANCE,and hopefully it will be SMOOTH SAILING. try the performing arts center@university of buffalo,sheas' performing arts center. i don't know who can promote such a venue,just shooting out ideas. we will come out in full force to support you i promise. then we can hear the real Maysa Leak. the hell with WBLK.

twocjesus said...

Remember...what goes around, comes around! God don't like UGLY!  They may have did it for your bad, but God will turn it around for your good!  A devoted fan.
May God continue to bless you, your band and your family!!!

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